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MyCollegeWise Testimonials

“Nancy is a true professional as she works through the college process with her clients. The list of colleges provided in the college search opened our eyes to the realm of possibilities. The continued follow-up on her part with encouragement, recommendations and caring made the difficult college waiting process easier to manage.”
- K. F.

"Nancy is wonderful to work with! She listened and understood exactly what both of my boys wanted in a college, and helped them both select schools that were perfect for them academically and socially. I look forward to working with her again as my third child gets ready to select her college. I know she will be just as happy with her choice as they are."
- D. G.

“Nancy made our son's college search so much easier. She identified a range of college options for him to consider, worked with him on his applications and essays, answered a host of questions, and was a reassuring presence through-out the process. I can't imagine having done it without her!”
- J. L.

“Thank you so much for taking a tremendous burden away from the college search and application process. Your attention to detail and ability to motivate my daughter were nothing short of brilliant. You kept her active in the process, and dare I say she actually enjoyed it. You gave her self confidence by picking the right schools for her. And to top it all off, we find out that there is significant scholarship money available. You are wonderful, and we thank you!”
- K.B.

“Nancy made the entire college search process a breeze! After helping us make a list of the colleges that would best suit our daughter's needs, she guided us through the entire application process. We are very happy to say our daughter absolutely loves the school she is attending. It was a perfect fit! We would recommend MyCollegeWise to anyone who is about to enter the college search process.”
- G.H.